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The Great Fredini uses 3D Printing

Welcome to my first blog post and thanks for checking it out.  As you already know, I’ve been interviewing key players in the 3D Printing industry – CEO’s, vendors, artists and makers.  Today, I’m highlighting one of my favorites.  I interviewed The Great Fredini about his Coney Island Scan-A-Rama portrait studio because I was intrigued with his use of 3D Printing to create a replica of Luna Park, a once famous attraction at Coney Island nearly a century ago.  I love the history of this place and am impressed with Fred’s role in it.  He used Kickstarter for crowd funding and his hardware will soon be open source.  The project is being installed in the Coney Island Museum and will expand throughout the year.  He’s a great guy and we laughed a lot.  He even gave me my first 3D printed full body model of myself.  It’s about 6″ tall and I quickly realized I needed to lose some weight.  His scans don’t lie!

Take a look at this digital sketch about Fred, the artist, performer and maker.  Then check him out on his own site.  His project was recently featured in Time Magazine.  The Great Fredini